Author's comments on the Readability and Content of
The Gossamer Trilogy:

      The Gossamer Trilogy is suitable for a wide range of readers, from young to old. You need only be young at heart to enjoy it.

Reading Level / Readability:
     According to my word processing program, this trilogy reads at about the Sixth Grade level on the Fleish-Kincade scale. In practical terms though, I believe this book is "readable and understandable" for a good Seventh to Eighth Grade reader or higher.
     That's not to say it isn't a good read for adults. Good readers from high school age and older should grasp the subtle interpersonal relationships and emotional tones between the characters, while younger readers will most likely only follow the action and excitement.
     My handful of "test readers", both male and female, ranged from 25 to 90, and they all enjoyed it. The female readers had actually never read fantasy before, but they found the plot and character interaction drew them in and hooked them. So, if you are already into adventure fantasy, the action and suspense in these stories will not disappoint, and if you haven't tried this genre, the Gossamer Trilogy is a great place to explore it for the first time.

      Parents need not worry about the content suitability for young readers of the Gossamer Trilogy. I believe there is no place, or need, for foul language in a good fantasy tale. The "good" characters are morally upstanding, though not perfect. They fight and kill evil monsters to survive, or to save others from death and danger. They strive only to subdue bad people who attack them. This is not a "blood and guts" fest.
       The heart of the story is about a young (age 26) warrior out on his own searching for his grandfather, whom he has never met. The mystery is that his grandfather (and grandmother) unexplainably disappeared before our young hero was even born, and no one seems to know how or why. As his quest unfolds, our hero learns that he may have to make a heartbreaking choice when and if he does find his grandfather. Along the way he and his new-found companions become great friends, and take care of each other whenever they are in danger, of which there is plenty to make it exciting.

Fred Hurteau
author of the Gossamer Trilogy

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